And on the 47th day, she rested.

37 blogs in a little over a month and a half.

I didn’t quite make the daily blogging challenge in the last two weeks, but I’m still quite pleased with the overall result.

37! I hardly felt a thing, and I still ended up with such a sizable amount of writing. It’s the fun stuff, too. None of these blogs are making me want to hide. They’re reasonable, quick, fun stuff.

I can’t believe what I managed in just 1-2 hours each day.

Daily posting taught me a lot about audience, but it especially taught me about writing as a thing we do-instead of something that just happens when we’re inspired.

If I didn’t know what to write, no worries. I could just start something and end up somewhere unexpected. It was no big deal. Sometimes, it even lead to an enjoyable piece.

That’s a revelation for me.

I’ve also typically been afraid to share my writing, unless I’d already polished it over and over. Daily blogging helped me share more of the process. I’m not a finished product, and my writing isn’t either. Perfection isn’t a requirement in this life.

What a relief.

And, I got a confidence boost for my efforts. Whenever I dared to share my writing, I was met with an accepting, sometimes even enthusiastic, audience. It was flattering and encouraging. I’m grateful.

I’m diving into a new semester of classes, as I start writing another book and revising the last one. I’ll still return to blogging, though. Weekly would be a reasonable goal. After doing daily blogs, I know I have time for weekly.

Looking forward to it.

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