Slapped an Ending on That Thing

I did it! Two weeks later than the goal I had originally set, but I did it!

My rough draft finally has an ending on it.

This book took a long time, and quite a few miracles (one of them is named Dianna), to make happen. I am so excited to FINALLY have a completed draft.

I must have eight incomplete books lying around. I can be such a fickle writer, especially since time became so precious.

It’s hard to believe that I was once a prolific writer. Before kids, I used to write all the time. In fact, my completed books (not my self-publishing story sets) are all from pre-baby time.

Wow. So, this book I just finished is my first beginning, middle, and end completed novel draft in over six years.



I wanna say, “what was I doing all this time?” but I’m not that far gone. I know what I was doing.

It was all things good, valuable, and loving-

And it deflected writing better than Captain America’s shield could have.

Which is sad, since I probably never had as much to write about as I did when the chaos was reigning.

But the streak is broken! I’m back! I even have a new story started that I intend to tackle with the same regiment of writing that got this last draft completed.

The next step, revision, is time consuming, but it’s the best part. I especially love being able to print and start scratching on paper. It makes everything fresh again, and my energy for the story comes back.

Looking forward to it.

I’m going to go make chocolate milk to toast to my draft. ‘Cause it has an ending! Yes!


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