Only Read the Title? Got Something to Say?

If you read the article, you’re a rare gem. I encourage you, you wonderful readers, to go ahead and leave some sort of comment for the author.


Because, down below, in the murky waters of the comments section, the non-readers hold court. They spout nonsense and usually comment just because the title made them upset in some way.

Writers deserve comments from readers. We should endeavor to outnumber the non-readers.

Reacting to a title, only, is incredibly problematic. I can think of just a few scenarios where I could maybe have a legitimate reaction to an article based only on its initial title and caption.

Here are a few:

Scenarios where you’re allowed to react after just reading the title of an article-

Article: Another less-known reason not to vote for the pedophile is-

Me: Got it covered, thanks.

Article: Nuclear war could cause-

Me: (stops reading, clicks to open the comment box, writes, “Death.”)

Article: Woman who was sexually assaulted was once convicted of-

Me: Rape culture, ass hats.

Article: Laptops in the classroom-

Me: Results may vary.

Article: Parents should stop-

Me: (wishes we had an eye roll emoji for facebook reactions.)

Article: Late last night, President Trump tweeted-

Me (murmuring): He should really stop doing that.

Article: The benefits of wearing the same thing every day include-

Me: I’m in.

It’s a short list, for me. You might think of something that should be included here. 

And, if you read the article, I’d be happy to see your suggestions in the comments. I love it when that happens.


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