Why I Just Can’t Even Right Now

I was sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, thinking about all of the reasons why I just can’t blog tonight. So, I’m gonna blog those reasons.


1.) I am very tired.

2.) I am a cranky person in general after 9 p.m.

3.) There were so many things today, and I now feel scattered and forgetful.

4.) I didn’t make my deadline for something else and am already feeling that tense stomach churning thing.

5.) I turned off all other parts of my brain in order to grade papers, and I would really like to just let my brain run free and frolic for a while.

6.) I could be baking cookies. We have holiday color m&ms. 

7.) Maybe I’ll enjoy this blogging challenge more during a different time, when I can devote a little more attention to what I write. 

8.) Since I’m feeling all these things, I don’t want to blog and make the poor reader fall into my current negativity.

9.) I’ll probably be a brighter human in the morning.

10.) I’ve been thinking too much and psyching myself out.

Thank goodness the blogging community has been so positive. I am so surprised to occasionally feel this way and still be blogging.

The picture is of one of my favorite parts of Peter Elbow’s book Everyone Can Write. Blogging and writing groups have a lot in common- a community that you write alongside, along with feedback/encouragement. We should all get tea and cookies.

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