Cooking Irresponsibly Writer

Oh, Yeah… And I Can Cook

Blogging everyday requires me to return to what I know. There are plenty of thoughtful, delicate things that I wish to write- but they need a few days to research and polish. For the sake of daily writing, I need to circle back to what comes naturally: moming, cooking, writing, and teaching.

I realized, today, that I haven’t been including the cooking portion- even though it’s something I think about all the time.

All. The. Time.

I guess I didn’t want to focus too much on the “domestic” side of things. I would like to keep a balance between my spheres; if I were to reveal my cooking obsession, the balance would decidedly turn towards hearth and home. My posts about teaching and writing might start to seem like they’re coming out of left field.

Oh well.

Symmetry is a rarely achieved phenomenon, and, as such, an unreasonable goal.

So, let’s talk about popcorn in paper baggies.

A few years ago, a student wrote a particularly well-researched paper arguing that microwave popcorn packets are pretty much poison.

My students are always ruining my convenience foods, for some reason. It’s a favorite topic.

Anyway, I love popcorn, so I decided I would just make popcorn the old fashioned way.

With oil.

In a pot.

A shield-like lid held at the ready.

I got pretty good at it, but there’s no denying that the microwave has a softening effect on the actual popcorn kernels. Stove top cooking tends to leave popcorn edgy.

I looked around for a few tips and tricks, and there were plenty. One of the best was a trend towards keeping the microwave but ditching the popcorn packets.

Here’s what you do:

  • Pour a quarter cup of kernels into a regular paper bag. (paper bags at the dollar store come in 40 packs- 2.5 cents each)
  • Roll the top of the paper bag pretty tight to help seal in steam- leave plenty of room, though. Popcorn gets big. ‘Tis science.
  • Microwave for about a minute, until the popping slows.



I like flavorful popcorn, so I add stuff.

That special salt that makes it taste like movie theater popcorn is crazy expensive. You can make it instead, just by pouring regular salt into a coffee grinder/magic bullet/mortar and pestle. Grind until powdery. It coats everything so well that way (also awesome on fries and homemade chips).

To make it really like movie theater stuff, drizzle in a tiny bit of melted butter. Make sure to stir constantly while you pour.

It’s one of my kids’ favorites, and they only ask for the treatiest of treats. Popcorn a la baggie- I love it, too.

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