I Fell off the Blogging Wagon for a Second…

I missed a blog.


I was unexpectedly busy yesterday morning, and I just kept saying later, later, later, until…


Lesson learned, though. I know my energy tends to be highest in the mornings. If I have a challenge to meet (like blogging daily), it’s best to focus my efforts in the morning. “Later” doesn’t always happen.

But, I am going to keep trying. If I miss a day here and there, it will sting, but I’ll be back the next day. It’s like dieting. If you have an off day, you don’t throw out the week’s meal prepped chicken and veggies. You just eat the Monday container on Tuesday.

I’ve learned a few things already from back to back blogs. It’s been quite a week.

First, I learned that a list of topics is a great favor I can do for myself. The first three days were easy, since I had already made a note “one day, write a blog about ___” in my notebook.

After that, though, I found myself sitting at my laptop around blogging time, dreaming about potential topics. I’m not against musing and brainstorming, but it was productive writing time, and I was still reaching for a subject.

So, for a few days, I have been texting myself topic ideas whenever they occur to me. I’ve built up a pretty good list. I’ll keep the list going, and, hopefully, all I’ll have to do is pick one when I need it.

Second, I chose this challenge because, for a lot of reasons, I tend to think my writing has to be absolutely smooth. I still think so for certain purposes, but being hung up on edited perfection was starting to make me hesitant about writing for an audience- any audience. I thought this blog-a-day challenge would help me write a little more casually, noting mistakes as human error and not a failing as a teacher and a writer.

So far, that’s not how it’s going. I read a lot of my writing through my fingers, since it IS casual writing, and I’m used to only sharing the GOOD stuff. I’ll keep trying to embrace the casual side of communication. Not giving up.  

Third, I have a newfound appreciation for images in blogs. Blogging daily allowed me to blog a little closer to real life. Snapping a few pictures of what I was writing about not only made the writing easier (pictures are part of the content, win-win) but even more engaging. I’ve always tried to include a picture here and there, but I’m not much of a photographer. It’s more fun than I’d expected.

And the finale- I have learned that I need to study WordPress. This site system has a visitor/views counter that could be invaluable when it comes to understanding audience. Unfortunately, it’s as confusing as can be. This or that article might have 7 likes and 10 facebook shares, but the counter says it’s been viewed… 5 times? That’s it? And half of those were “spam”?

I obviously have more to learn about this site system, as well as this whole blogging thing. 

I’m back on the wagon.


(adorable image of shame taken from Lifehacker Australia)

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