How Many Faculty Members Does it Take to Eat a Pan of Sweets? The World May Never Know…

Two days ago, I blogged about taking on a blog-a-day challenge, and I ended the little writing with “so, now I’m gonna go bake a cake to avoid all this.” Yesterday, I blogged about low energy for me and my night class students, and I ended by deciding to bring them nibbles.

It took me a while to see the connection.

Eventually, I did figure out that problem A solves problem B.

There are only a handful of students in my night class, though, and that handful wasn’t all in for cheesecake coffeecake. There was talk of dieting, avoiding cheese, and one helpful, semi-professional weightlifter who ate two pieces.

I ended up with this much left.

Leftover Night

So, I brought plastic wrap. It was time to be a food fairy in my building.

Now, I’ve tried this before. There was the mochi giveaway of 2015. The boston crème pie cupcakes of 2016. A few sprinklings of snacks since then.

Unfortunately, trying to give food away in an environment where people are heartily educated about things like transfats is difficult. I suppose I could try to give away the occasional vegan fruit tray, but…


Courage! Do not yield! And individually wrap those cakes, so dear coworkers can’t weasel out with a convenient “I just ate.”

I love y’all, by the way.


Gift wrapping goodness.


All done and easily transportable.

It’s food fairy time, but these are technically my office hours. It wouldn’t be right to just leave without a note.


 “Trying to unload cake to people who are undoubtedly on some sort of diet. Back in 10. –S.T.”

That bought me a few quick minutes to make deliveries. I’ll run around upstairs, and see if I can find some takers.


The office staff came through! They saw the cake and were like “come here to me.”

A surprising number of “yes, please!” from the upstairs offices. I’m getting my hopes up that I won’t have to eat this by myself.

One plate

I’m down to one plate! This is happening! Maybe November is like a time where we all come together to ignore our diets as one happy, jiggly, academic family.

It’s beautiful.

Okay, I’ve exhausted my building, so it’s time to hit the campus.


Sunshine and cake. Lovely.

I’ve been surprised so far. I love soft cake, so coffeecake takes a lot of dressing up for me to like it. I was thrilled to see a creamy cheesecake filling recipe. Yet, when I am trying to gift a slice, it’s the cheesecake turning people off the most. I thought lactose intolerance was a bit rare in the US, but maybe…

We just don’t like to talk about it much.

Library, writing center, and a few colleagues on the way were happy to see cake. I’ve got to get back to office hours, though, and I’m still hefting a pound of sweets.

Four left


Four slices left. After covering the building AND going for a walk.

There’s no hope for it. I’m going to have to (gulp) try to give some to students.

That is dangerous for the ego. Do you know how it feels when an actual 19 year old linebacker for the school football team says “no thanks” to your cake? I mean, these are the guys we worry about when the travel bus breaks down, ‘cause it could turn into one of those cartoons where their seat neighbor suddenly resembles a talking turkey leg. They’re supposed to be always on the lookout for food!

I don’t know if my baking heart can take another teen’s rejection of home baked goodness.

Maybe I won’t offer. Maybe I’ll just position them next to the student chair during my office hours.

Student chair

Now, we wait…

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