Professor Writer

Some Work to Do and Promises to Keep

The holidays are in full swing, and that moves up a deadline or two for me.

                I had planned to be completely finished with the first draft of this book I’m working on by December. I have at least one more chapter to go (my “one more chapter” tends to turn into three or four chapters, so I’m ballparking).

                I had also planned to do a continual run of blogs. I want to know what that would feel like. There have been plenty of daily writing challenges- fiction, diaries, day books, etc. Blogs are their own genre, though, so I’m going to pay attention to those for the next several weeks. I hope to learn about fitting blogging into real life- and really and truly letting go of perfectionist fears.  

                Get ready for a whole lot of blogs. I intend to do one per day until the new year. Maybe I’ll even keep it going afterwards- like the Pioneer Woman.

                I love the Pioneer Woman.  

                And that just leaves the whole “one month left of class” thing. If I could draw, I would draw a picture of a teacher with a puny, breaking umbrella clutched in her fist as an avalanche of papers crashes around her.

                Like 10 times a day, I pause and wish that I could draw.

                Mostly cartoons.

                A book draft to finish, a blogging accountability challenge, and a paper concussion. I am literally going to go bake a cake, so I can avoid this list for another hour or so. Did you know there are coffee cakes without cinnamon? I was fascinated, too.

                I’m going to go try this one, while I don’t finish a book-   


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