Mama Writer

The Usual Distractions

Kids are romping around, giggling and screaming, while watching the loud cartoon they begged for.

Husband is lying beside me. He’s watching Korean singing contests, and, because it’s Husband, it’s all blasting way too loud.

“Honey? Isn’t that loud? Is it at full volume?”


(I clearly see him immediately open his tablet’s volume, lowering it two bars).

I’m trying to make myself small over here. If everyone’s occupied, maybe I’ll be able to write something continuously.

Not “in peace.”

Not “distraction free.”

It would actually be hard to imagine it getting any louder in here.

Distractions I’ve had. No problem.

The real issue is that the kids are doing some tickle torture chase game while they watch their show, and if I don’t hurry up my typing, I’ll have to stop in order to kiss someone’s inevitable booboos in the living room, and maybe have a talk with the other one about never pulling someone along by his/her shirt.

If I don’t get a move on, I’ll have to stop when Husband suddenly puts his tablet down and asks what “I” want for dinner (i.e. what am I cooking, i.e. “aren’t you going to start cooking? It’s dinner soon”).

My fingers need to fly because the cartoon the kids wanted is playing that song that means the problem is about to be solved.

Everything is loud. The music is always good, but I don’t speak the language, so, when I’m trying to work, it’s hard not to sound like a stereotypical old person complaining that it’s “just noise.”

Must go faster.

Distractions abound. Writing still happens.

It would be nice to be able to sit down and immerse myself in something for more than the 15 minutes the cartoon/ballad lasts.

I hear the credits-rolling song. Gotta hop up, point the kids in Husband’s direction, and start dinner.

Time’s up. 

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