We Need a Children’s Literature Book Club

We Need a Children’s Literature Book Club.

I have become the book-pushing stealth ninja.

“Someone sent us a book…”

“Oh, really?”

“Was it you?”

“You’re breaking up- going through a tunnel-”

My Christmas card address list has been turned into a medium for my version of “I saw something on YouTube and you just HAVE to see it.”

You HAVE to read these amazing, beautiful books.

Yes, they’re for elementary schoolers, or even preschoolers, but you HAVE to read them!

I love them so much. I want everyone to have an opportunity to experience them- both as children for the age appropriate delight and as adults to “get” all of what the author has crafted.

My kids laugh at Hilo because it’s hilarious. I’m laughing, too. As the adult in the room, however, I was the only one who got a little choked up at the climactic ending of Book 3, when Hilo saves his sister and the magic cats unexpectedly scream to the rescue with, “WE ARE FURBACK CLAN!”

My kids were hushed and attentive as we read through the tense, action-packed Mighty Jack and the sequel The Goblin King. As the adult in the room, though, I was the only one who understood that, by the end of the books, there had been an important shift, and Jack was no longer the main hero, or even main protagonist, of either book. The Goblin King is the combat champion, Lilly, who saves herself and emerges with more supernatural power than all of the other characters. (I am especially prone to sending Ben Hatke’s books to my friends with daughters. His female characters are kick-ass little girls. If you received one of these from Amazon Prime- yes, that was me).  

There’s usually so much more to these books than what my kids can glean (ages 6 and 4). They need an invested adult to guide them- otherwise, they’ll miss out.

It’s one of my favorite things to do with my kids, since I sometimes struggle with conversation. When it comes to reading books together, though, we share common tastes and interests. It starts so many conversations, and helps me teach them things that I didn’t even know needed to be taught.

So, if you receive a book from the stealth ninja book-pusher, I am sending something that is 5000% awesome, but also something that I hope helps build the kind of reading conversations with your little ones that I enjoy with mine.

And, when you’re done reading them, please call me, ‘cause I desperately want another interested grownup to discuss these with. They’re literary GOLD, and, if you liked that one, I have a million more that we should talk about.

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