Contemplating My Increased Facebook Scrolling over the Past Year.

You need to write.

You need to read.

You’d prefer to be, exist, or breathe.

Why scroll?

Why waste?

How many likes?!

Who cares?

There are better ways to carve your name.

Teach your kids to create instead of scroll.

Post away, but never count the likes.

Give, make, create, and read.

Facebook takes. And takes. And takes.

Why do I search it, hunt it, obsess over it?

The reason doesn’t flatter.

I want to matter.

I do matter.

People care.


If I don’t post, will they know what I have to offer?

Shouting in the silence.

Capable and quiet.

Feeling invisible, so I count the likes.

The reasons don’t flatter.

Of course I matter.

But I count the likes.

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