Mama Professor

17 Moments that Prove Being a Professor = Being a Mom

There are plenty of differences between being a parent and being a teacher of adults.

However, this list of similarities was super easy to make.

It took me, like, 5 minutes.

Let’s all think about that for a second…

17 Moments that Prove Being a Professor= Being a Mom


  1. Checking homework just to see if student/kid actually did it.

  2. Limiting screen time so student/kid will 1.) focus and 2.) not be so damn rude.

  3. No matter what you and the students/kids are discussing, being interrupted with, “Can we go outside?!”

  4. Only having their undivided attention at story time.

  5. Teaching respect.

  6. Loving their lightbulb moments.

  7. Understanding that recess and/or sports practice is their favorite “class.”

  8. Reprimanding student/kid for something and knowing all they somehow heard was, “She must not like me.”

  9. All slip-ups resulting in lame excuses- “I didn’t do it because everything else was more important, and I fell asleep.”

  10. The whining.

  11. Inspiring loyalty, effort, and love just by whipping out the candy.

  12. Equipping all of student’s/kid’s important lessons with a multimedia slideshow, preferably with a video.

  13. Repeating yourself at least 10 times.

  14. Bragging about your successful teaching/parenting strategies.

  15. Being told about how their other teacher/parent let them do it THIS way.

  16. Swapping horror stories with other teachers/parents.

  17. And, finally, turning out the lights in a quiet room? Guaranteed to send student/kid straight to sleep.


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